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The Weekly View From My Reading Chair (Feb 8)

on February 8, 2019

This may be a very short update. Why? Because there’s nothing to share. Since my last post on this site, I haven’t cracked a book. I’ve not read a single sentence for pleasure. Nothing, Nada.

It wasn’t intentional. It just happened. Last Sunday, I found myself on the road headed to El Paso with a colleague and friend for a few days of intense recruitment. There’s was absolutely no time to read during the day as we zipped from one school to another. When we had a break, we were normally checking in on students at home and checking our email. By the time we got to the hotel each night, we were ready to collapse and simply enjoy some downtime. Besides, there was WAY TOO MUCH LAUGHING for any reading to go on. I tried to read a short chapter as we were preparing to return home, but I simply could not focus my thoughts for a single moment.

I wish I could say that things will change in the new week, but I seriously doubt it. On Tuesday, I’ll head to San Antonio with the same friend and colleague to man the recruiting booth at TMEA again this year. (I’m so glad Anthony and I get along so well and don’t have to worry about spending so much time with him!) The hall is always noisy and there’s lots to talk about as we are visited by students, alumni, colleagues, friends, and recruits. There’s just not going to be much time to do any reading…and I’m perfectly okay with that.

I may try to do a little reading over the weekend, or I might decide for the less intellectual option and watch some mindless television. Either way, I know that my books will be there waiting for me when I get the opportunity to return to them. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Until next time…..enjoy the view from your own reading chair this week.


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