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In This Moment (Karen Kingsbury)

on January 26, 2019

This week, my reading focus changed significantly. I needed a break from serious biography and the war-torn fantasy world of the Starks and dragons. The announcement that my local library was finally a member of an ebook consortium served as the perfect means for feeding my reading shift. While I carried around the biography and saw Clash of Kings sitting next to my reading chair, this week I returned to visit the Baxter family I grew to love a couple of years ago and read Karen Kingsbury’s In This Moment.

In This Moment features Luke Baxter as our hero, a lawyer specializing in religious freedom cases. When the principal of Hamilton High begins a voluntary after-school Bible study group, positive results are noticeable immediately. Attendance and test scores improve. Gang violence and other crime rates plummet to an all-time low. Hamilton High is no longer a hopeless void that is sitting on the verge of being shut down. More importantly, students’ lives are being changed as they come to know more about Jesus and begin a personal faith journey with their new-found Savior.

To celebrate the club’s first anniversary, the principal decides it is time to share the facts about the after school program with the parents of his students. Reaction is mixed, but it appears as though things will be fine for the school and its principal. All of that changes in a moment when a single father of one of the school’s students is furious over his daughter’s involvement. He blames Christianity for the failure of his marriage and his wife’s unfaithfulness, so he makes it his personal mission to destroy the faith — starting with the local after-school Bible study.

In This Moment is an excellent examination of religious freedom in the United States, the societal opinions about modern Christianity, and the courage required to stand firmly for your beliefs when faced with challenges that could result in the loss of your career, security, and everything you hold dear. In This Moment was a little more than just a great story for me. I found myself thinking about what I would do in a similar situation. Would I be willing to risk everything for the cause of Christ? This is a story that I won’t soon forget.

In the coming week, I plan to get back to Clash of Kings and Alan Walker’s Chopin biography (although I did manage to start reading Shonda Rhimes’ memoir Year of Yes and am fascinated with I’m seeing there). But this week, I took a detour and am very glad that I did!

For those who are following the statistics, here was the View From My Reading Chair for the week ending on January 26, 2019:

  • In This Moment (Karen Kingsbury) 254/254 – FINISHED! 192 pages this week

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