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Catching Up: Books 23 & 24

on December 28, 2016

I have intended to post about book 23 for several weeks. I even had an outline in my planner. When I finished book 24 and started the next, I knew I had to simply sit down and write! Sorry about the format…..but here's a “two-in-one” post.

#23: 99 Days (Katie Cotugno). This young adult novel was not on my radar at all. I found myself on a Thanksgiving week flight with nothing to read and Bush International had limited offerings. I swallowed my pride, grabbed the paperback, and settled in for my boring layover and flight.

The plot is fairly typical. Molly dated Patrick in high school and fell in love. Everything was great for them until she cheated with Patrick's brother. After confiding in her Mom about the affair, Molly was horrified to realize that her infidelity had become the inspiration for Mom's latest bestseller….and the entire community figured it out as well! To escape the taunts and accusing eyes, Molly enrolled at a boarding school to finish high school and move on with life. Now she finds herself back in her mother's home for 99 days of summer before beginning college in Boston. Her summer will demand that she faces the past and learn to live with her mistakes.

This was not one of my favorite books. Honestly, I finished it as a matter of duty rather than for enjoyment's sake. I found it filled with unnecessarily vulgar language while minimizing the importance of faithfulness in relationships. I felt that the entire book diminished the fact that actions have consequences and essentially undermined the role of parental advice in the life of a young woman. In my opinion, what was presented was an underwhelming novel that is not appropriate for any teen girl who wants to mature with self-respect for herself and her future mate. Overall, 99 Days was a huge disappointment.

#24: Remember (Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley). Book 2 of the Redemption series featuring the Baxter family was another hit. While Kari's story continues, the focus this time is on Ashley. As she deals with her own guilt after her failed experiences in Paris, she learns much about love while working in a senior adult care facility. Against the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Remember addresses the importance of family while considering the impact that tragedy — both personal and national — can have on one's faith. Now that I'm falling in love with this family of characters, I can't wait to get my hands on the next volume and continue the saga with them.


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