Reading for Me

The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#13: 4th of July (James Patterson)

on July 23, 2016

Continuing through the Women's Murder Club series has been another enjoyable read. After the unexpected turn of events in the last book, Patterson moves the bulk of the action out of San Francisco and focuses on Lindsey. Before leaving the city, our favorite Lieutenant finds herself involved in a fatal shooting with wealthy teenagers. Not only must she deal with the physical and emotional scars she suffers, Lindsey now finds herself being sued in a wrongful death lawsuit.

To escape the media circus, Lindsey gets out of town to enjoy her sister's peaceful home near the ocean. What should have been a relaxing getaway turns into a dangerous situation as Lindsey finds herself surrounded by murders that seem to be related to a cold case from the beginning of her career that continues to haunt her.

Peppered with intriguing and frightening characters, 4th of July not only keeps the reader engaged with exciting plot twists, but also continues to develop the relationship between Lindsey and Joe. I'm excited to get the next book in the series, but first I need to read the last of the paperbacks that was on my summer vacation bookshelf.


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