Reading for Me

The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#10: The Last Child (John Hart)

on June 27, 2016

Let’s just cut to the chase….The Last Child is the best book I have read in 2016 so far! It is a page turner that is well-written by a former defense attorney who resides in both North Carolina and Virginia. I definitely plan to check out his other novels because I enjoyed this one so much.

In The Last Child, we meet Johnny, a young boy who decides to find his twin sister who had been kidnapped a year ago. Armed with his bike and Indian relics, Johnny and his friend, Jack, monitor the movements of pedophiles throughout the county. Johnny doesn’t fully realize the danger he is in — but thankfully a local police officer, Hunt, has taken an interest in him.

Populated with wonderfully complex characters, The Last Child provides a compelling plot that readers will not be able to pull themselves away from. While entertaining, Hart’s novel will look at issues related to the definition of family, issues of faith, as well as the “nature vs. nurture” debate.

For more information about John Hart and his writing, visit


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