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The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#7: Magic Hour (Kristen Hannah)

Book 7 of the year was definitely a lucky read for me! Magic Hour was one of the best contemporary novels I have read in a very long time. Kristen Hannah weaved together a powerful story filled with emotion, humor, and thought-provoking scenes. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to experience a great story that is written very well.

Magic Hour centers around the mysterious arrival of a young girl in a sleepy lumber community in Washington state. The girl — who we will call “Alice” — appears in a large tree in the city park after having attempted to steal food. She is dirty and is not accompanied by an adult. Actually, she is holding a wolf while perched in the treetop. Alice’s only method of communication is through a series of howls and growls.

The local police chief, Ellie, has no idea how to best help this child. She calls in her estranged sister, Julia, who is a world-renown psychiatrist specializing in children who have suffered trauma and abuse. Julia is facing her own troubles though; one of her patients went on a rampage at school, killing herself and several of her classmates. Julia’s reputation and career is ruined.

Magic Hour traces Julia’s treatment of Alice as well as Ellie’s search for the truth. With each twist, Hannah’s prose will grab your heart-strings as Julia and Ellie fall in love with this helpless child. You will laugh in the most unexpected places. I assure you, tears will fall as you learn of the suffering Alice has experienced and watch as events spiral beyond the control of Ellie, Julia, and Alice.

My only complaint about Magic Hour is that it ended far too soon. I have fallen in love with Alice and want to know the rest of her story. That’s a complaint I’m willing to deal with at the end of such a lovely book.

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