Reading for Me

The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#5: The Mozart Conspiracy (Scott Mariani)


It should come as no surprise that I would actually pick up this novel. How could I resist? The composer’s name in the title combined with the quote at the top of the book cover — “James Bond meets Jason Bourne meets The Da Vinci Code.” — had me hooked from the beginning. The Mozart Conspiracy was not everything it was cracked up to be, but it was still a nice distraction during a long week.

Ben Hope is a retired British Special Air Service officer who has been contacted by his former flame, Leigh Llewellyn. Leigh is a renowned opera singer who is quietly investigating the mysterious death of her brother, Oliver, while completing his research on the death of Mozart. The Llewellyn family has long been intrigued by the composer due to their father’s obsession with The Mozart Letter he obtained before his death. The letter suggests that members of the Order of Ra — a mysterious group charged with the destruction of the 18th century Masons — were responsible for Mozart’s death.  Oliver stumbles upon a secret ritual ceremony by what seems to be the continuation of the Order of Ra. The members of the group are willing to kill anyone who knows — or might know — about their existence. Leigh and Ben are now chased all over Europe as they attempt to expose the murderous group’s secrets while making sure they don’t die in the process.


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