Reading for Me

The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#23: 1st to Die (James Patterson)

on November 30, 2015

Flying home for Thanksgiving was the perfect opportunity to finish my latest book. 1st to Die is the first installment of Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series and was a very enjoyable read.

The book opens with the gruesome death of a newlywed couple in their honeymoon suite. The couple were found in their formal wedding attire. What first appeared as a business deal gone wrong quickly transforms into a serial killer case as other couples die around the country. The case is “unofficially” handled by a quartet of women who share the information they have — the lead investigator, a gossip columnist, medical examiner, and the assistant D.A. The plot continues to twist as each woman deals with her own issues away from the case.

Patterson’s writing is fast-paced and intelligent. The short chapters lend themselves to a casual read, but the enthralling story keeps the audience coming back until the last page of this thrilling who-done-it.


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