Reading for Me

The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#19: Tomahawk (David Poyer)

on August 15, 2015

I have been slothful about writing my review for the latest book on My Library Shelf. I suppose I could chalk my delay in writing to the fact that I actually read the novel while on vacation at the end of July. As soon as I returned to Arkansas, my attention shifted entirely to the move to the Texas Panhandle. Those would be valid excuses to most; the only problem is that they are not true. The truth is that I simply didn’t know what I was going to say about the book.

Tomahawk was a thriller set against a naval background. It had moments of excitement that kept my attention. Mostly, I was plowing through lots of military jargon and situations that bored me. This was one of the few books that I’ve encountered in My Library Shelf project that I finished only because it was on the list. There were really very few redeeming qualities in this reader’s opinion. To be honest, it took me a few weeks to fully recover from this horrible reading experience. Thankfully, I’m now settling into Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee and enjoying my reading life once again.


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