Reading for Me

The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#16: Masked Innocence (Alessandra Torre)

on June 28, 2015

Let me begin by stating clearly that this post should not be confused with my recommendation that anyone read the novel. It is explicit and only appropriate for an adult audience. Read the book at your own risk.

Reading Masked Innocence was what I had feared most when beginning the Library Shelf project. I was afraid I would find a book that I was uncomfortable reading. When I began reading this work by Alessandra Torre, I was blushing in the privacy of my bedroom as I read of orgies and sexual escapades. This is not a genre of literature that I naturally pick up. I felt as though I was reading Fifty Shades of Grey! For those who might be interested in reading the book, I did learn that it is the second volume of the Innocence Trilogy (what an ironic title). You can learn more about the author and the series at

If it’s possible to separate the sex from the storyline, the premise of the book was quite interesting. Julie is a young college student who has fallen for Brad, a partner in the law firm where she is interning. While working late, Julie overhears her boss having a tense conversation that seems to suggest he is involved in business with the mob. After the man is found dead on the floor of his office the next morning, Julie shares her suspicions with the police. Things become dangerous when Julie learns that the mob bosses are aware of her reports to the police and have ordered her death as well. The only one who can possibly save her is Brad…..but is Brad really who he appears to be? Julie’s world is turned upside down as the masks are ripped off and truths are revealed.

I was riveted by the twists and turns once the story began to unfold. (I’m not a total prude, folks!) I’m just not sure that I would have continued through the opening chapters if this book wasn’t included on the library shelf I selected to read through on October 31, 2014! Here’s to hoping that my next reading adventure is a bit more tame….I need to recover from the time I spent with Masked Innocence.


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