Reading for Me

The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#9: King and Maxwell (David Baldacci)

on June 14, 2014

I hate to admit that it’s June and I’ve not even read 10 books this year. I don’t see this being a reading year for the record books.

Anyway, since I had to take a LONG road trip to Guymon, Oklahoma last week, an audio book seemed like the perfect companion to pass the time. David Baldacci’s King and Maxwell certainly kept me entertained and listening intently. The story centers around a young man, Tyler, who has been informed that his father was killed in Afghanistan. Something about the story doesn’t add up, so Tyler hires secret-service-agents-turned-private-investigators King and Maxwell. Through lots of twists and turns, Tyler’s dad proves to be alive and running for his life after a massive delivery fell into the wrong hands. The only question is exactly who has the delivery now? Was the soldier set up or did he betray his country? With lots of references to current events, Baldacci proves once again to be a very smart, thoughtful author.

I enjoyed the distraction that King and Maxwell was. Now it’s time to get The Winds of War finished!


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