Reading for Me

The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#6: Think Twice (Lisa Scottoline)

I discovered Lisa Scottoline’s work in 2010 when I first read Look Again. Somehow I never got around to reading another of her books. I decided that needed to change when I picked up this week’s audio book. I was not disappointed at all!

Think Twice is the story of Alice and Bennie, identical twins separated at birth. The two are reunited when Bennie, a successful lawyer, successfully defends her sister in a murder case. It appears that Alice has turned her life around when she suddenly quits her job. While at dinner at Alice’s home, Bennie finds herself extremely drowsy and wakes in a dark box with the sounds of an angry animal scratching in hopes of getting inside. While Bennie is coming to grips with the fact that she has been buried alive, Alice is taking over Bennie’s life and plans to steal the $3 million in her bank accounts. When Bennie escapes from her underground prison, the excitement really gets underway. Bennie’s friends attempt to sort out which “Bennie” is authentic. Lives are on the line and the thrills keep coming on every page. Whether reading the pages or listening on CDs, Think Twice is a novel that you are certain to enjoy.


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