Reading for Me

The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#19: Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn)

on April 21, 2013

Amy and Nick have it all — the perfect marriage, the perfect jobs, and the perfect family — until everything starts to unravel. Both of them lose their jobs as journalists from prestigious New York City publications. Amy’s parents have lost their fortune and need to borrow money from her trust fund. Nick’s father is demented and his mother is battling cancer. The only thing they can do is return to Nick’s childhood home in Missouri to help care for his parents and together face their challenging financial situation.

While they are enjoying a simpler life, Nick receives a disturbing call from a neighbor: there seems to have been a disturbance at his house. Nick rushes home to find the front door open, the living room in absolute disarray, and his wife missing. As the hours turn into days, the investigation into Amy’s disappearance turns into a murder investigation with Nick as the prime suspect. Let the reader beware! Don’t assume you know what’s ahead….you’ll find yourself surprised.

Flynn’s novel explores marriage, infidelity, and family relationships under the light of “truth.”¬†Gone Girl is an excellent novel intended for a mature audience due to graphic adult themes and strong language.


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