Reading for Me

The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#8: Hannah’s List (Debbie Macomber)

on March 8, 2013

My driving this week has been made enjoyable with the beautiful love story by Macomber. Michael is a doctor whose wife, Hannah, died a year ago after fighting cancer. On the anniversary of her death, Michael’s brother-in-law delivers an unexpected gift — a final love letter from Hannah. In her letter, Hannah tells Michael that it is time to get on with his life and find love. Hannah leaves nothing to chance and provides Michael with a list of three women that she considers potential mates for her husband.

As Michael meets each of these women, his reactions are honest and humorous. Macomber paints a lovely image of those who have lost love to death and divorce while honoring the importance of finding true love. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this story was much more than just a standard romance novel. The book was entertaining and thoughtful while maintaining a level of decorum not always found in works in this genre.


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