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The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#31: Illusion (Frank Peretti)

on December 22, 2012

I have never been one who enjoyed much science fiction. Additionally, I have found myself disappointed by most Christian fiction I have read over the years. Recently, while in the bookstore, I noticed Illusion by Frank Peretti. This was a title I hadn’t seen before so after a quick read of the synopsis, I decided to add this book to my reading list. Why? The plot sparked my interest and I had never read any of Peretti’s previous books. (*gasp*)

Illusion is a complex story of the magician team of Mandy and Dane. The two married as young adults and experienced a lifetime of love that was cut short when Mandy was tragically killed in a horrific car accident. Dane moves to Idaho where he and his late wife had planned to retire when he comes across a young female magician in town who shows promise and is in need of work. Dane can’t ignore the fact that the young lady (who goes by the name of Eloise) bears a striking resemblance to his late wife when the two first met! In the world of Peretti’s imagination, medical and military intrigue abound and time travel is possible. Mandy lives as a result of the power of the Machine, but an uncertain future awaits as she tests the Machine’s power and unethical people attempt to gain control of it.

As a reader, I found myself drawn into Peretti’s world. I wanted to know what new twist was around the corner. As a Christian, however, I struggled to find references to truth among the magic. It was not until reading the author’s note at the end that I understood his perspective on the story and the symbolism he intended to convey eternal truth. I suppose Peretti’s success, in my opinion, has come because he is a gifted writer who is also a Christian; he does not write exclusively for a Christian audience (which has always been one of my complaints against Christian fiction in general).

Illusion was not my favorite read of the year by any stretch of the imagination. However, I was introduced to a new author and am intrigued enough that I will probably read some of his other writings in the future.


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