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The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#7: Zero Day (David Baldacci)

on March 10, 2012

Lots of driving is letting me get through some fun books at the moment!  Yesterday, I finished Zero Day and had a ton of fun listening.

The novel features John Puller as its hero, a special agent in the army who is also the son of a retired general and brother to a soldier convicted of treason.  Puller finds himself ordered to investigate the murder of a military officer in rural West Virginia, but the situation quickly begins to spiral out of control.  Filled with unexplained deaths, a couple of swarmy residents in this dying burg, a somewhat incompetent police force, and charming characters, Zero Day is a fun read that will keep you entertained for several days.

The book jacket suggests that this is the first novel in a series featuring John Puller.  I can only hope!  I’m ready for another adventure already!


One response to “#7: Zero Day (David Baldacci)

  1. […] Puller is back in this exciting novel.  We first met the character of Puller in Zero Day. This time the Army special agent finds himself in Paradise, Florida to visit his aunt because of a […]

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