Reading for Me

The Books I Have Read…..Just for Me

#5: The Litigators (John Grisham)

on February 28, 2012

On a recent trip with the family to Louisville, I picked up an audio recording of The Litigators. Since it was written by John Grisham, an author that I don’t gravitate to naturally, I expected a light read that would keep me awake on the drive but not demand too much of my attention. I like my audio books to be something that I can easily pull myself away from without thinking about when the chapter will end. The Litigators was not such a book, much to my (pleasant) surprise.

Centering on a law firm filled with humorous attorneys and beautifully written characters, the novel pulls you into issues of morality and justice while connecting you to the lives of the individuals inhabiting Grisham’s fictional world. A high-profile mass torte case against a pharmaceutical company, quickie divorces, legal services advertised on Bingo cards, and a fearful family of immigrants combine to create one of the most engrossing tales I have experienced in quite some time.

The question that now haunts my mind is whether I have been missing the pleasure and craftsmanship of Grisham’s writing or if the work was simply a perfect fit for my drive time. Either way, I plan to take a look at another of Grisham’s lesser known works in the future and have already begun listening to another audio book. I’ll let you know what I discover……

For now, I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the opening of the bookstore tomorrow morning in order to purchase my next exciting read: Jodi Picoult’s new novel! I can’t wait!


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